The Firm

Law Firm “KONSTANDINIDIS & Associates” was established in 1941 by Kostas Konstandinidis, father of today’s owner and offers, in Greek, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian & Turkish languages a full range of legal and consulting services, acting for legal entities & Corporations, as well as individuals. The decades of 1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s the Law Firm “KONSTANDINIDIS & Associates” was among the biggest Law Firms of Greece with continuous successes, being the theme in the newspapers of the time. From the early 1980’s today’s owner, Stratos Konstandinidis, took over and today, the Law Firm “KONSTANDINIDIS & Associates”,  serves a wide spectrum of national and multinational corporate clients and offers a wide variety of legal services.

Law Firm “KONSTANDINIDIS & Associates” covers all areas of Hellenic & EC Business Law, including Corporate & Business Law, Commercial, Traffic accidents & Personal injury, Real Estate & Property Management, Civil Law, Banking Law, Criminal Law, Competition Law, Copyright & Trademark Law, Money Laundering, Council of the State, Supreme Court.

Law Firm «KONSTANDINIDIS & Associates» is a leading national law firm built upon its Greek heritage and values. It is our unwavering focus on client service that has defined our purpose and propelled our growth.